AR Bootcamp Tutorials


Git repo

The project

The main AR Bootcamp site utilizes various guides, compilations, and blog posts to function as a landing page. The learn subdomain holds all the actual tutorials that I create. I wanted to provide fully written versions in addition to the video tutorials so that they can serve as easy reference and also to provide scripts, images, or other files.

The tech

The focus of this site is purely on learning. I went with the Hasura Gitbook starter because I liked the way it was laid out with the tutorial list on the left and the in-page navigation on the right. For the newsletter subscription I use a Netlify function to create the subscriber via the EmailOctopus API.

The original template orders the pages by a numerical prefix on the filenames, but that makes for an ugly URL. I modified the template to keep using the prefixes to order the pages, but then I strip the prefix from the URL (I also had to edit the Next/Previous button code to use the correct ordering). I also updated the rightside nav to use h2 tags rather than h1 tags (supposedly this is much better for SEO).

What can be improved

Overall the site seems pretty good to me. There is lots of room for the content to grow without requiring any site changes. If anything I might rewrite the site using Nextjs. Gatsby’s startup times are pretty slow and I have been enjoying building a different side project with Next, so it’s something I’m considering.